1917 Mar-25 The founder Kikushiro Oe was born.
1947 Jun-1 Kikushiro Oe founded “Ohe Denki Zairyobu”
at 2-47 Obashimachi Minami-ku, Yokohama.
1949 Apr Headquarters moved to 1-5 Maesatocyo Minamiku, Yokohama.
1951 Jan Reorganized into a joint-stock company “Ohe Denki Shoukai”.
1955 Sep Ohe Electric Corporation established. (capital: 1.5 million yen)
1959 Sep Made a exclusive distribution agreement with Toshiba corporation.
Philosophy “Honesty”.
1966 Apr Kawasaki office opened.
1967 Nov Constraction plan1 of the headquarter completed.
Headquarters moved to 1-9 Maesatocyo Minami-ku, Yokohama.
1969 Apr Shonan office opened.
1971 Apr Mitsumasa Oe joined the company.
1971 Jun Yokosuka office opened.
1971 Nov Constraction plan2 of the headquarter completed.
1972 May Celebration of 25th founding anniversary.
1985 Jul Introduced IBM System/36.
1985 Sep Capital participation
by Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd.
1985 Sep-19 Kanazawa office opened.
1987 May Kikushiro Oe become the chairman.
Mitsumasa Oe was appointed as the CEO.
1987 Jun The founder Kikushiro Oe’s 70th birthday party.
1988 Sep Gotenba office opened.
1990 May The completion of OHE Logistics Center.
1990 Oct-29 “Yume-Sou-Gyo” celebration of the 35th founding anniversary.
The head office renovaion was completed.
New corporate identity, brandmark revealed.
1991 Jun-1 Bronze statue unveiled for the founder Kikushiro Oe.
1991 Aug-27 Received the 4th Special Recognition Award of Nikkei New Office Award.
1992 Apr-17 Founder Kikushiro Oe passed away at the age of 75.
1996 Mar 1st Mid-Term Business Plan “The challenges of growing markets”
1997 Jun Celebration of 50th founding anniversary.
2000 Mar 2nd Mid-Term Business Plan “accel-gogo!”
2001 Apr Sagamihara office opened.
2003 Apr Kawasaki office opened.
2004 Mar 3rd Mid-Term Business Plan “New-Yume-Sou-Gyo”
2004 Jun Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2005 Feb Subsidiary “OHE ELECTRIC SHANGHAI CO., LTD. ” established.
2007 Apr Kumamoto office opened.
2008 Jul Korea office opened.
2009 Apr Subsidiary “Techno Energy Co., Ltd.” established.
2011 Mar 4rd Mid-Term Business Plan “Time to change, opportunity is knocking.”
2012 Jul New corporation philosophy.
2013 May Intention to acquire 100% ownership of Yokohama Condito Co., Ltd.
2013 Jun Subsidiary “Densei Korea Co., Ltd.” established.
2014 Jun ISO14001 Award for 10 consecutive years
2016 May New 2nd Mid-Term Business Plan for 3 years
“Respect for tradition. Innovation for growth.”
2016 Nov Launched a new division of retail solution business.
2017 Mar The founder Kikushiro Oe’s 100th birthday.
2017 May Subsidiary “Techno Energy Co., Ltd. Fuchi Techno Center” established.
2017 Jun Celebration of 70th founding anniversary.
2017 May Techno Energy Co., Ltd. Opened Fuji Techno Center.
2017 Jun Celebration of 70th founding anniversary.
2020 Apr New 3nd Mid-Term Business Plan “VALUE creation Innovation for growth.”