Electric Materials Business

We have a strong links with the local general contraction companies and electrical contractors in Kanagawa. Also, we provide the construction materials for factory constructions, building renewals, and other building development projects.
For example, the lighting fixtures, power receiving equipment, cable, plug & socket, security equipment, various electrical equipment …etc.

We also take an active role in promoting environmental business focused on selling environmental-friendly products, such as energy management system, LED light fittings, solar photovoltaic system. Our aim is to provide a speedy and accurate services to customers.



lighting equipment / eco-system / power receiving equipment / panelboard / energy management system / wiring / conduit tube / security equipment / disaster prevention equipment / solar panel / cable / electrical tools …etc.

Past work

横浜市立子安小学校Koyasu Elementary School
横浜市立金沢区総合庁舎City hall of Kanazawa
横浜市南区総合庁舎City hall of Minami-ku Yokohama
神奈川県大磯警察署The police department of Oiso Kanagawa
新港ふ頭の客船ターミナルShinko Pier Cruise Terminal
京急グループ本社ビルThe headquarter of Keikyu Corporation
横浜市役所 新市庁舎New city hall of Yokohama
横浜北仲再開発地区Redevelopment area of Kitanaga Yokohama